Sample Boards featuring the EternaTile product can be ordered here. Sample boards portray an entire tri-tile featured in a solid color with 7 other solid swatches attached on the board's face. The underside shows the tile's bottom side that rests against the roof's deck.

    Sample boards are free, but due to the overwelming number of requests, shipping and handling charges are needed.

    Custom colors such as blending two solids to create a shaded sample at this time each require addition $50.00 charges, plus shipping and handling. All Sample Board fees fees will be credited from your initial EternaTile purchase. Shipping is conducted through your Company's current carrier.

    To request a Sample Board, please download our Order Form and email it to "" and a representitive will reply by phone.

    Hello my fellow builders and contractors!

    Like you I routinely purchase tens of thousands of dollars of supplies from my local vender only to miss out of receiving rewards for prizes or trips because my annual purchases fell short of some astronomical minimum amount.

    Does that create brand loyalty incentives?

    Announcing The Preferred Members Club, a program unlike any other. Just imagine over the past couple of decades if you almost instantly accumulated buying power to a loyalty card each and every time you bought the same roofing brand?

    Membership not only earns you 1.5% returns on all EternaTile purchases (.5% over non-members), it also makes you eligible for 20% off of your 2015 purchase orders (up to $30,000.00).

    Ask an EternaTile representative for details.

Earnestly yours,

Robert C. Carmen
President & CEO
EternaTile Inc.

    EternaTile is for 2015 and 2016 a specialty ordered item and like all specialty products a deposit is required. However unlike most companies, EternaTile Inc. does not ask for 100% of the purchase price, nor 50%, but actually only 20% to place your order. Due to the now high demand for the EternaTile product and because 2015's production capacity is limited, the company will operate on a 1st come - 1st deliverd basis unless contractors are registered under Preferred Status. Speak to an EternaTile Representative for details.

    Every 20% deposit on orders will be varified on a Letter of Credit submitted for each order. Letters of Credit do not release funds from your account to EternaTile's, but simply earmark the deposit as "Proof of Funds" and are not trasnsfered without customer authorization. A "Request for Authorization" to transfer will be submitted by EternaTile to your company 2-weeks prior to factory production of your order. All customers have the right to cancel their order with or with-out cause prior to transferring their 20% deposit(s).

    Customers have the right to travel to our Michigan facility to observe their completed and palletized order prior to rendering final payment in full. Once funds are cleared, EternaTile promply ships direct to your job-site accompanied by an EternaTile installation representitive to train your work force in the recommended installation methods and guidelines. Once satisfied, EternaTile's rep will render onto you a "Personal Installer's Master Card" you will use to purchase future EternaTile products while earning at least 1% cash back.

    In 2015 and beyond make your projects standout on every level by specifying EternaTile as the new roof of choice that will appeal to even your most discriminating customers.

    Just as Andersen Windows set the quality and value standard for energy efficient and designer windows, EternaTile is setting new standards for performance and energy efficient roofing systems. Certified EternaTile installers will attract more customers because they can submit the newest industry innovations while offering the only roof that pays itself off.

    Be among the first to place an order for a 2015 and join the EternaClub of U.S. industry leaders that will benefit from EternaTile’s national marketing and advertising efforts plus other strategic partnerships designed to save contractors time and money.

    With a 20% deposit on orders, you will be allocated a priority position for 2015 production as well as receive club rewards and additional incentives.

    We look forward to working closely with builders who share our enthusiasm for making a strong differentiating statement in the marketplace.

Sincerely yours,

Ralph Sy Richardson
Executive Vice President
EternaTile Inc.