Compare the cost of EternaTile against traditional cement, clay and slate roofing systems. The calculator replicates the average labor salaries as well as all material and shipping costs from 3 southern states (FL, CA, TX) where tiles are made then transported to all remaining 45 states. No traditional or EternaTiles are at this time marketed to Hawaii or Alaska.

    The calculator offers diversified installations methods for risky hurricane areas and tornato areas. Use it to see if EternaTile is the most cost effective for over all expenditures in nearly any desired area for 2015. As EternaTile expands its production facilities over the next 18 months, the product's affordability will increase as manufacturing logisticly improves.

    Use live or download Contractors Calculator and compare the cost of installing EternaTile -vs- conventional tile in any state (except Alaska and Hawaii).

    For assistance with the calculator, get more information on products in the roofing system or if you're ready to order EternaTile, call (844) R14-ROOF.

    EternaTile installs much like traditional concrete and clay tiles without the breakage, labor and material intensity. Certification programs will be maditory to purchase and install this roofing system. EternaTile trains roofing and building contractors on-site regarding first time applicants.

    After a 2-day, on the job session, roofers will be awarded their Certificate of Completion and will receive an EternaTile customer card bearing an ID number nessesary to purchase future EternaTile products for now directly from the factory and later from a local roofing supply yard. Certification from hands-on training keeps the installations flawless and provides the end user a lifetime warrentee.

    To schedule your certification, get more information on the products in the roof system or if you're ready to order EternaTile, call (844) R14-ROOF.

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    EternaTile has selected iRoofing to provide contractors a better solution for measuring, creating bids/proposals and increasing close rates. Founded in MiamiDade, iRoofing app provides our newly certified contractors with the power to expedited the entire bidding, ordering and permitting process, saving EternaTile contractors hours of time better spent on enjoying life.

   For a closer look at iRoofing and their state of the art "Cloud Based Application" See

    To purchase the iRoofing program, get more information on the products in the roof system or if you're ready to order EternaTile, call (844) R14-ROOF.

    EternaTile has 2 different application types so every roofer can profit from its use. When conditions are common year round and hazardous weather patterns or seldom if ever experienced, EternaTiles mechanical fastening system is acceptable and lends wind protection up to 120-mph. For areas that require a higher level of protection, EternaTile's adhesive foam application is applicable for wind resistance over 250-mph, the best in the world.

    EternaTile's dense foam composition offers the easiest tile to repair in the industry. When impacted under Class-3 size hail, it will modestly dent or groove without cracking or breaking like shingles, conventional tiles and slate. Repair kits are purchasable and EternaTile's on-site training adjent will show applicants how to effortlessly correct those compromises.

    To familiarized yourself on all the products in the EternaTile roof system, please watch our installation video for a better understanding on applications or if you're ready to order EternaTile, call (844) R14-ROOF.